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Your Kickstart session will discover: 

1. Where you're at now

2. Define your ideal next steps

3. What to focus on to make your podcast and/or video series top notch!

Here's What We Need

  • What You Need to Send prior to the Call: Send me your online profiles – your website, social media, podcasts/videos you've already done and any other relevant experience -and- what your show will be focusing on!
  • What Happens During the Call: We'll explore how far along you are in crafting your "Show", your thinking, your plan, and your "voice" (the tone/ point/ reason why, of your show). Then we'll get clear on the next steps for you to take.
  • What Changes After the Call: Knowing what to do next alleviates a ton of stress and procrastination. You'll have a direction that you can trust!
  • We're not going to plan out your whole year long podcast business and content plan. That's not possible in the limited time we have! You will know what's next, what you might or might not need to invest in, and what you can best concentrate on to keep moving forward! 

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Here’s what people say about John Saboe

Scott Sommers Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Ming Chuan University
Taipei, Taiwan

John Helped Me Get Confident

I’m a university professor in Taiwan and wanted to host my own video podcast where I would uncover conspiracy theories and expose politically biased organizations and their interest groups.

I really had no idea where I needed to start as far as how to put together a podcast. I just knew how I wanted it to look and sound.

I’m a very experienced lecturer but I really wasn’t very comfortable using a camera,(webcam), and making videos. John was really patient and helped me a lot with building my confidence in how to use the gear I purchased and how to get comfortable speaking into the camera. This was invaluable for a lot of reasons.

Before I met John, I was very uncomfortable with on-line meeting software. While John's lessons focused on the use of Zoom, I have completely lost my fear of on-line meetings. Now my colleagues and family come to me for information about how to use Zoom.

I now feel very comfortable with the software and using it to get things done. It was John that made this happen.

He was a great guy to work with. He's calm, easy-going and very patient. I have no hesitation recommending him. I was lucky to have the chance to work with him.

Niall Gibson

Tour Guide

Kyoto, Japan

John was Super Positive

I am based in Kyoto, Japan and for some time I had been wanting to produce and host a podcast for my travel tour business Kyoto Fun.

I had actually been a guest on John’s podcast a few times and saw how effective having a podcast could be. Not knowing where to start I asked John to help me launch my podcast.

John was great and helped me with suggestions for equipment and how to sign up for a podcast host. We went over different ways of how I could showcase my brand and establish myself as an authority on Kyoto, as well as also other cities and regions of Japan and my knowledge of the Japanese culture and language.

John was super positive and always pointed out all of the things I was doing right and had great suggestions for content and utilizing my authentic voice through different styles of episodes.

The feedback was very helpful in overcoming some of the fears I had about how I should present material. It really helped me enjoy the process of hosting and producing my own podcast which I know will pay off in the future.

Mark Bossert

Marketing Agency Owner

Vernon, BC Canada

A Pro's Pro!

John is the real deal!

He worked in sales management at one of the largest media outlets in Vancouver and the producers loved his voice so much that by the time he left, he was voicing over half the commercials on the station.

He's also taught broadcasting at post secondary institutions, hosted a nationally syndicated Jazz show and lately made his living from podcasting and video as he travels the world

His skills are world class, But can he coach?

In my experience, he's a great coach!

Skilled, honest, direct and empathic. He's helped me grow our podcast/video show to where it drives 91% of all new business for my client!

A personal note from John

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