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I Will Be Your Personal Podcast Coach

Are you interested in hosting your own podcast? A podcast that showcases your knowledge, experience, trustworthiness, and credibility will not only enhance your relationship with your current followers or clients but also effectively engage new business and audience growth.

Executed correctly podcasting is a surefire way to connect with your current clients, or followers while building new relationships and growing your business and audience.

Allow me to help introduce you to the power of podcasting with a personal 6 month program that helps you get started, from recording your first demos to banking up a series of podcasts to help you execute a dynamic launch of your show in the market. I’ll also be there with weekly coaching sessions that help get the most out of your personality, knowledge, and talent. As well as helping you to develop your broadcasting skills I will also teach you some effective ways of marketing your podcast.

Let me be perfectly frank, this is not a program for people that just want to podcast as a casual hobby. I’m only interested in coaching people that are serious about making a success of their podcast and are willing to put the extra effort in that anything worthwhile takes. You are either an influencer that wants to develop more professional broadcasting skills that will further enhance your credibility or you are an entrepreneur looking to connect with your clients and potential new customers in an intimate medium that will ultimately help grow your business.
If you fit into either one of these scenarios then contact me to set up a no charge consultation.

6 month Podcast Coaching Program
$3000USD paid in advance one week before agreed start date.

John Saboe

Broadcaster with 25 years experience in traditional media, radio, television, voice-overs, and new media-Podcasts, YouTube, Digital Magazine publishing, Facebook/Twitter live-streaming and content creation.
Coached and instructed dozens of men and women in the field of broadcasting in the United States and Canada. Currently coaching podcasters in various fields from SEO to travel.Enter your text here...