John's a former radio announcer so the audio on these is great - smooth pipes! The content is great if you're into traveling to exotic places, exploring other cultures, delving into your spiritual side and getting far off the beaten track. John climbs mountains, treks to far out places, explores rate palaces, caves, monkeys, Gibbons, tigers, camel safaris and disappearing cultures. Highly recommended!

Mark Bossert
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John's podcasts are both fascinating and entertaining. Having traveled to India, Nepal, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Japan and Tawian amongst others, his insights are based on first hand personal experience. I would advise anyone traveling to the far east to check these out first.


John Saboe is a natural born story teller. His passion for travel, culture & life in the Far East is evident at every unique twist & turn. Far East Adventure Travel takes you on a journey of the sights, sounds & serenity of the Far East while securing you a spot in the heart of every person he meets & every place he visits. His knack for immediacy & candor is well balanced with empathy - captured in every remarkable photo, video & podcast. No one takes you places like John Saboe. And there’s no place like Far East Adventure Travel!

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I've listened to most of your podcasts now John Saboe. I find them to be really interesting and entertaining. I love how you incorporate images in there allowing us to see more of where you are. Can't wait for the next ones!

Donna B.

I want to go to Tokyo SO bad! I would definitely check for John's podcast before going somewhere!!

Kimberly H.

Very inspiring and amazing podcasts!!! It makes you want to travel more! Every time I watch John Saboe's podcasts, it feels like you're traveling with him!