Cambodia-Is It Safe To Travel?

A listener recently sent me a message asking how safe is it to travel to Cambodia these days. He was about to visit the country for the first time with his girlfriend. The recent news of a young British woman gone missing on the island of Koh Rong once again raises concerns about how safe the country is for travel. Her body was discovered in the ocean a week after she went missing and after an autopsy it was determined she died of drowning. Cambodia for the most part is still relatively a safe place to travel and if you take the precautions laid out in the episode you should lessen the risk of any incidents. Throughout Southeast Asia petty theft is the most common concern with bag snatching and pickpocketing being the top crimes involving tourists. Although more violent crimes do occur they are much more rare in this region. I also cover off food safety, land mines, and more serious matters like food and drink spiking and sexual harrasement. Common sense, being aware of your surroundings, and taking caution when strangers approach you are also some areas I cover off in this episode. Obviously predators will focus on the main areas where tourists are found, in Phnom Pehn near riverside and in Siem Reap around the central market and Pub Street. If you have any other suggestions for travel safety I’d love to get your feedback. Send me an email to
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