Cambodian Visa Extension EASY DIY Tourist “T” Class

*NOTE* The immigration office at the moment will accept your applications between 2pm-5pm Monday to Friday. You will receive a receipt with a copy of your passport that you can use as id while you’re waiting for your passport and visa extension. There was a time when it was difficult if not impossible to extend a tourist visa in Cambodia yourself but that seems to have changed. I recently completed my Cambodian Visa extension tourist, “T” class visa while staying in Phnom Penh and it was completely hassle-free. Everything you need to know to extend your visa is in my Cambodian Visa Extension DIY Tourist “T” Class video. I was charged the standard $30USD fee at the Cambodian Immigration Department office across from the Phnom Penh International Airport. Most travel agencies in Phnom Penh charge $49USD total for the visa and their services. In some cases they may not do it unless you give them your passport and the fee a week or longer before your visa expires. As I stated in the video, in order for this to be cost effective you’ll need to take local bus #3 from Phnom Penh to the airport. Expect your total investment of time to be approximately 3 hours initially. When you pick up your passport after your visa extension has been completed, approximately a week later it shouldn’t take longer than the travel time, about an hour each way, along with a 10 minute wait to pick up your passport. Although I haven’t tried it myself it is also possible to extend an “E” class visa if you have been offered a job, are looking for a job, or are wanting to start a business. This will require more paperwork and letters and or appropriate proof of a business, retirement etc. depending on which extension you’re applying for. You can visit an agency in Phnom Penh that specializes in these extensions and many travel agencies are also able to help you with this service as well.
For tourists wanting to stay longer than 30 days in Cambodia, especially those on a budget, it’s nice to know it appears easy and relatively simple to do this now in Phnom Penh. Just remember although you don’t need a passport photo for a visa on arrival now, you will be asked for one when you request to extend your tourist visa. You’ll just need to bring $30USD for the visa extension fee along with your passport. After the immigration officer checks your passport and visa they will give you a one page form to fill out. When you pay the fee and hand over your passport, photo, and application form the officer will give you a receipt. Keep this in a safe place and remember to bring this to the office when you’re picking up your passport. That’s it!
Hope you find this helpful for your next visit to Cambodia!

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