Christmas in Asia-What To Expect In The Way Of Celebrations

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Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the USA! Other than expats you won’t find anyone celebrating Thanksgiving in Asia but you will see signs of Christmas almost everywhere at this time of year. In this episode of the podcast I run through the regions letting you know what to expect in the way of Christmas celebrations. Many travelers often ask me if they will see Christmas trees, decorations, etc. while they’re on holidays in Asia over the Christmas season. Depending on where you land it will be either celebrated only in a commercial way, like at hotels or shopping malls. Or a true religious holiday like in The Philippines or parts of India, like Kerala or Goa.
Mostly in East Asia and Southeast Asia you will be exposed to a Christmas season although it won’t have the same holiday spirit you’ll find in the West, but why would it when it’s not at the root of local cultural celebrations. In many parts of East Asia and Southeast Asia the Lunar New Year is the biggest holiday celebration of the year. Not to fear, if you are traveling here over the holidays and are wondering if you’ll see Christmas decorations you’ll have no worries. Especially if you don’t want to dissapoint young children. Christmas is very much alive in Asia! Thanks so much for listening. You can help others disover the Far East Travels podcast by writing a review in the iTunes Store. Follow the link, click ratings and reviews to get started. Once you’re finished rating the podcast, then write a positive review. Would love to connect with you! Send your feedback to!

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