Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Destination Lists-Asian Countries/Cities-Discussion

Starting in January 2019 I will be going live on Spreaker(app & desktop) and Periscope and opening up discussions on travel topics. This week discussing Lonely Planet’s top 10 Destinations for Countries and Cities in 2019 and their Asian picks. I always look forward to seeing LP’s destination picks every year and there was one surprise for me and one I’m so grateful they chose.
For cities Shenzhen, China was a bit of a surprise being mostly a place to go to do tech business. Shenzhen is considered the Silicon Valley of Asia. Still according to LP they have a nightlife comparable to Hong Kong but less costly. Shenzhen is one of the easiest cities to visit in China now with a visa attainable at their port by most nationals , except USA and India, on arrival. Now that the high speed train from Hong Kong to Shenzhen is fully operational travel time is a mere 15 minutes.
I was very happy to see Kathmandu on the list of recommended destinations for 2019 as the city and country still need alot of help in order to start to recover from the devastating earthquakes of 2015. Thanks so much for listening.

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