Money Tips For Travelers-ATM’s, Credit Cards, Traveler’s Checks, And E Wallets

Had my Visa card retained by an ATM machine this week in Ho Chi Minh City inspiring me to create a what I hope is helpful information to prepare you for your next trip. My card has an app that locks it and I forgot to take the lock off-the result? It was eaten. So fortunately I have back-up plans and this is one of the most important preparations when traveling abroad. Some of these tips might seem obvious especially to those who are frequent travelers but I hope with some of the stories I’ve shared it reminds you to think there this always the unforseen that catches us off guard. By the way the guy who asked me if he could borrow $20 at Annapurna Base Camp did not have his money stolen, he simply didn’t budget enough for his trip. It most large cities in Asia there will be plenty of options where you can either access an ATM machine that accepts international cards or find currency changers to convert your money. In Japan one of the easiest places for foreigners to access funds are the ATM machines that are located in convience stores. Be very carefull when traveling in developing countries like Nepal. There’s and other nations banking infrastructure might not be as reliable as what you’re used to. So accept the fact that there might be a day when there is no way to get cash and be prepared. Thanks so much for listening. If you have any tips you’d like to share please send an email to

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