Processing Travel Experiences/Adventures +EBC And Qingshan KIng Festival/Taiwan

My apologies for being silent over the last couple of weeks. I have been knee-deep in video editing of my Everst Base Camp Trek which as well encompasses processing the experience of the trip. I said to my friends who had accompanied me on the trek that it would take some time, weeks or months to fully process the experience. Especially since it was their first trip to Asia and trekking in the Himalaya. For me, even though I have trekked to Everest Base Camp before and visited the country multiple times it is still a process to relive those amazing moments. Realizing, especially with how video can make you appreciate the context of it all, what you’ve just seen and accomplished can be overwhelming. It’s like that for any trip or adventure, especially so if there is a huge contrast in culture and geography from where you live. That is what I wanted to touch on briefly in this podcast. It’s important to allow yourself time to accept what you’ve just experienced. This is why travel is such an amazing mechanism for personal growth and why the adventure or experience doesn’t end simply because you’re back home. Now that most of us document our trips more than ever before, we basically are packing around a portable video studio with us wherever we go, there’s more opportunity to relive those moments. Don’t just watch it back on your phone though. Stream it on your home TV and truly bring back those memories. Same thing with the photos. Display them on a big screen. The emotional impact is far greater and it’s a more impressive way to share your travel stories with friends and family. Thanks so much for listening.

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