Drinking Beer In East Asia/Southeast Asia-My favorite Places, Cities, Countries And Beer Culture

I confess, I have become more of a beer drinker ever since I moved to Asia several years ago. Beer is a thirst quencher in the tropics and especially goes well with all of the local food. I still enjoy wine, but beer is especially refreshing on a hot humid night outdoors in the tropics or even subtropics. In this episode I share with you my favorite places to drink beer. As well as my favorite cities and beer friendly countries in the regions.
Taiwan is one of the friendliest and easiest places to enjoy beer or other drinks. Drinking in public is totally tolerated and legal so you can enjoy a beer while walking along the river in Taipei on a hot evening or even sitting in your favorite convenience store. Japan of course has an amazing food and beer culture with lots of options from cozy Izakayas to beer parlors where you drink as much as you want within an alotted time. Southeast Asia, particularly Vietnam is a favorite place of mine to drink beer as the country produces some of the best everyday beers of the region and there are countless places to enjoy drinking from the big cities to beach towns. I mentioned in the podcast that even though craft beer is becoming more popular especially in Southeast Asia I’m not personally I big fan. Mostly because for me beer is a utitility drink and I’m happy having something that is good but not necessarily the focus of what I’m doing. Beer is merely a component to my overall experience which includes the company I’m with, the food and drinking, and the ambience of my surroundings. Also because it’s still fairly new compared with other countries that have a strong craft brew industry the price of craft beer is expensive, ranging anywhere from 3 to 5 times the cost of regular everyday beer. And much of the standard beer you’ll find in the regions is quite good maybe by comparison much better I find then the standard beers of North America that were the target of that craft beer movement.
I hopefully will share more tips on beers, bars, and other drinks in future podcast episodes. Thanks again for listening and don’t forget you can send me an email with your feedback-john@fareasttravels.com.
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