Teaching English-Job Opportunites Across Asia

Teaching English is still a great way to see the world while supporting yourself with a steady job. In these days of more people working remotely or becoming “digital nomads” there are still traditional ways to earn a living while traveling, particularly with English teaching opportunites in East Asia and Southeast Asia.
In no way is this podcast episode a comprehensive guide to getting a job but it will give you an overview of the some the countries that have had a history of offering teaching jobs to native English speakers and recent hot places for you to consider. Over the years I’ve met many English teachers working across the regions of East Asia and Southeast Asia. Most have a good life with reasonable working hours, good pay, and plenty of opportunity to travel and immerse themselves in the local culture, even learning the language whereever that may be. Some only do it for a few years before returning to their home country to resume life there. Others continue, making it a career, working in several countries and upgrading their education for better teaching jobs, some even becom professors at universities!
China and South Korea at the moment seem to be offering the most lucrative contracts, Vietnam has lots of job and a low cost of living. Taiwan is still a place where many Westerners seek teaching jobs and Japan remains one of the most desirable countries in the region.
Thanks so much for listening and good luck with your job search! If you’re an English teacher in East Asia or Southeast Asia and have tips for looking for work you’d like to pass on it would be much appreciated and shared out to listeners. john@fareastravels.com.
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