After traveling and living out some of my dreams of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, seeing the great migration on the Serengeti, mountain climbing in the Andes, cruising the Galapagos Islands, and finally taking a life-changing trip to Tibet/China/Nepal, I started feeling that continuing with my career in the corporate world of media was neither going to be a fulfilling or healthy life long term.

Content creator is a relatively new occupational term but I’ve been in fact creating media content most of my life having started a career in broadcasting in Canada while still attending high school. I’ve been a presenter, (DJ), news, sports in radio. I’ve worked as a live television host as well as a VJ for a U.S. television show. I’ve also voiced commercials and documentaries for a host of clients in Canada and the U.S. I’ve given back to the field as a broadcast arts instructor then finally making a full circle for several years as a senior executive in a large media corporation.

When I was downsized I decided to take some time out from corporate life and hit the road for a couple of extensive trips throughout Asia-Nepal, India, Singapore, and Taiwan. I allowed myself more time for travel than I could ever afford to in the past spending weeks in one city or a region immersing myself in the local culture while pondering the possibilities of a life abroad.

After spending several months traveling I returned home and made the decision to take a giant leap in my life and move to Asia. I would travel and share stories, transferring my skills as a broadcaster and advertising/marketing specialist to new media ultimately creating opportunities for myself on my own terms from podcasting to contract livestreaming, visual storytelling for social media sites, consulting, as well as creating content for my own channels.

It really felt like a calling, actually like there was no other choice if I wanted to be happy and live the life I truly envisioned. So I sold most everything I owned and moved to Asia, at first Taiwan, where I could travel easily throughout East Asia and Southeast/South Asia. I’ve just recently relocated to Vietnam, where I’m able to move conveniently around Southeast Asia while continuing to immerse myself even further into the nuances of the people and cultures of the region.

I have been blessed to have shared my adventures from trekking in the Himalaya-Nepal/India, to tasting street food in Vietnam and Malaysia. Exploring the jungles of Northern Laos and staying in Akha Villages to life in Taiwan from it’s fascinating history of Dutch/Chinese/Japanese rule to it’s incredibly vibrant festivals and rituals. This was the life I imagined and it has been unquestionably the most thrilling and rewarding role I’ve ever taken on as well as being one of my greatest joys.

I’ve made quite a few mistakes along the way, most of which I couldn’t have avoided in order to get to where I am now. As well there have been alot of sacrifices I’ve had to make that I didn’t forsee but I wouldn’t change any of it for a moment. I constantly remind myself that an unbeaten path is never easy and my reward has been a far richer life than what I left behind.

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