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Far East Travels
Far East Travels

About John Saboe

After spending several months traveling I returned home and made the decision to take a giant leap in my life and move to Asia. I would travel and share stories, transferring my skills as a broadcaster and advertising/marketing specialist to new media ultimately creating opportunities for myself on my own terms from podcasting to contract livestreaming, visual storytelling for social media sites, consulting, as well as creating content for my own channels.

Sacred Trekking

Sacred Trekking

Explore Nepal and book your life-changing trek into the incredible Himalayas. Join co-owner John Saboe, adventure traveler, entrepreneur, and podcast host on a once in a lifetime experience in the most exciting adventure destination on the planet. 

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Far East Travels


Just as Rick Steves brought us Europe from every imaginable angle, John Saboe takes us to the far east in the same kind of unplugged and informative manner. John puts us on the streets with the locals, from the backstreets to the tourist hotspots, but with the warm perspective of an outsider. Highly recommended for travel buffs, or just those dreaming of being one.

Blue Meanie 1138

Far East Travels is one of my favorite podcasts. I’m always eager to download the latest one and hear where John is visiting. His insights on Asia are excellent and I highly recommend this podcast.


I listen to this podcast on a daily basis. John knows his stuff about the east and Asia. Every episode is full of little Easter eggs for great opportunity during travel. Seeing someone like John quitting the rat race and doing something great with his life that is so informative for everyone else looking to travel is an amazing inspiration. John’s podcast helps me through the day to know I’m working towards something and keeps my mind engaged with the world. There’s so much more in the world than what’s in front of you. One life, live it! Thanks John and keep ‘em coming!


John’s podcasts are top quality production. From the minute you tune in you can tell alot of time has been put in to ensure each episode has been properly researched with accurate and helpful information on his topics. Subscribe to his podcast! You’ll learn alot from his years of travels in Far East Asia.


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