Vietnam COVID Diaries Vlog #3 I Feel Safe Here

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Thanks again for following the series and subscribing to the channel. I hope this series helps people understand how other places like Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh City are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. In this episode I share my feelings on how safe I feel here as well as a story about a very compassionate Vietnamese entrepreneur and why I think places like Vietnam, South Korea, and Taiwan are having more success dealing with the pandemic than many Western countries, it’s very much a cultural thing. In coming episodes I’ll try to move around the city and share with you some different backdrops as well as more stories and personal thoughts. Thanks again, please stay safe, spend most of your time at home if it’s possible, and try not to touch your face. Blessings to you from Vietnam….

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I am a broadcaster, photographer, writer and videographer with a passion for travel throughout Asia. I love making connections and engaging with people. I am spiritual and seek adventure wherever I go.

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