Exhilarating Wildlife Experience-The Gibbon Project-Northeastern Cambodia

The Gibbon Project in my opinion is one of the most exciting adventure and wildlife experiences in Asia. It’s not like Laos’s Gibbon Experience, where you zipline through the forest and stay in treehouses for a completely immersive jungle adventure, with an opportunity to hear wild gibbon singing and the off chance of seeing one at a distance. The Gibbon Project of Ratanakiri Province gets you up close to wild gibbon in their natural environment. The closest anywhere on the planet! In this episode I explain how do get to Banlung, where you can book your Gibbon Project adventure and interview one of the researchers who was one of the first of the team that habituated this wild family of gibbon to human activity.
Find out more about The Gibbon Project:http://www.gibbonspottingcambodia.com

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