Johnny Depp, Jack Nicholson, Jodie Foster-Sumo Guide To The Stars Mark Buckton

Mark Buckton has been a Sumo commentator and expert guest on BBC and many other radio and TV outlets worldwide. Mark also wrote a column on Sumo for The Japan Times for 12 years. Most recently Mark appeared on CNN International to explain some of the nuances behind U.S. President Donald Trump’s May 2019 visit to Tokyo and Tokyo Stadium for a Sumo tournament and President’s Cup presentation. Mark has also guided VIP’s and Hollywood stars including Johnny Depp, Jack Nicholson, and Jodie Foster on visits to Sumo stables in Tokyo. Mark shares with us insights into the fascinating sport of Sumo, it’s history, origins, and the life of a Sumo wrestler. Mark also has tips on how to get tickets to Sumo tournaments held in Japan on odd months every year. Here is the link to the Japan Sumo Association English website where you can purchase tickets:
You can follow or contact Mark on Twitter, Mark continues to write for Japan periodicals on Taiwan/Japan relations. Mark also gives tours of Taipei’s historic Dadaocheng District.

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