Everest Base Camp, Nepal Wrap-Up

Right from the start our trek to Everest Base Camp was a true adventure. From our one day delay, to an aborted flight to Lukla and a final helicopter ride back to Kathmandu upon completion of the trek. The one important piece of advice I’d pass on to anyone contemplating a trek to Everest Base Camp? Allow buffer time on the front end and back end of your trek in case of bad weather. This trek has the most problems with sticking to a schedule as you are dependant on good weather in Lukla in order for flights to depart from Kathmandu. Same thing on the back end for your return flight. I spoke with one woman who was on her third attempt to fly to Lukla. Many people waited up to 7 days to arrive in or leave Lukla. Much of this was due to the late monsoon season but it’s still an issue when planning your trek. Helicopters are an option but expect to pay anywhere from $400-$500 USD each way!
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