Far East Adventure Travel Best of “Live”- Annapurna Circuit Nepal Highlights

I finally decided last year that the Annapurna Circuit would be the next big trek I would attempt. It’s the busiest trail in the world, even busier than the popular route to Everest Base Camp. It’s also probably the most convenient trek as well with the highest concentration of guesthouses and facilities. Even flush toilets are found in most guesthouses throughout the region-with the exception of just before the Thorong La Pass, at 5416 meters the highest point on the trek. 

 One of the reasons why the Annapurna Circuit has been at the top of trekker’s favorite trails is it’s varied landscape and climate. You begin in Besisahar, a subtropical region filled with rice terraces, citrus and papaya trees. Gradually your lead into the high Himalaya and the far reaches of the Tibetan Plateau. 

In recent years due to the development of a road system in the region, some have even opted for a jeep drive through the lower valley skipping the first few days of foot travel to spend more time in the higher altitude and manage most of the trek with a shorter vacation.  

This trek would also be the first time I would attempt live streaming on Periscope. Following research of the potential for 3G connectivity I brought two sim cards from the country’s cellular service providers, Nepal Telecom and N Cell. 

Even with the highest probability for live streaming out of any trekking region in Nepal disappointingly at best I was only able to connect in 3 locations. 

It was still exciting to be one of the first “scopers” to live stream from the Himalaya and one of the greatest trekking regions in the world.I hope you enjoy the best of Far East Adventure Travel “Live” from Nepal’s Annapurna Circuit. 

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