Nepal Tourism Update with Travel Expert Shanker Bhatta

It’s been two years since the devastating earthquakes of Nepal brought huge loss to the country with over 9000 deaths, thousands more injured and many left homeless.  For awhile it  brought the tourism business to a standstill with many cancelling their trekking and travel plans. 

At the time international media reported that Nepal’s tourism industry was ruined and would take years to recover. I wanted to get my friend and one of my partners in , our full service trekking and travel business in Nepal on the podcast for a current update on the state of the country and it’s tourism industry, as well as suggestions on treks, and tour ideas.  Shanker Bhatta has been active in the travel and trekking business for several years and is also the owner of the Hotel Pilgrims in Kathmandu. 

He joins me from Thamel in the country’s capital.



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