Rebuilding His Life And A Remote Village In Nepal-Help The Journey’s Derek Cowan

When Derek Cowan set out to backpack in Southeast Asia he wanted an experience more fulfilling than just a handful of memories on the party trail. So he researched a number of different volunteer opportunities finally deciding on helping out an organization in Vietnam.

What began as a retreat from a distressful life in Scotland and recovering from a suicide attempt has now turned into his role creating and running the Help The Journey foundation.  Derek’s current project is monumental, rebuilding Thangpalkot 1 village in the Sindhupalchowk District of Nepal and all of it’s 86 homes destroyed by the earthquakes of 2015. This was the worst hit region in Nepal with almost 97% of all of the over 66,000 homes in Sindhupalchowk completely destroyed.

I first met Derek in Kathmandu in November 2015 just as he was beginning his work in Nepal. I spoke with him recently while he was back in Kathmandu replenishing building supplies for Thangpalkot 1.

You can help Derek Cowan rebuild Thankpalkot 1 village in Nepal by donation or as a volunteer. Visit for more information.

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