Trekking Nepal’s Shangri La-The Gokyo Valley-Massive Views, Turquoise Lakes

The Gokyo Valley is a great alternative or add on to the standard Everest Base Camp Trek. Quieter trails, and spectacular views even of Mt. Everest.

Gokyo is reached by walking the same trail towards EBC, following a two night stay in Namche Bazaar for rest and mostly acclimatization. 

It’s not long out of Namche before you take the turn for Gokyo at Sanasa.

It feels like you’ve left a freeway for a country road especially if you do this in October.  The trails are quieter, the views, are absolutely spectacular and it feels a little more relaxed and almost  subdued, compared with the main path to Everest Base Camp.  

The views of Everest, Lhotse, and Aba Dablam, on the busy trails just before the path that leads to The Gokyo Valley.

Right away you’ll notice the big groups marching up to EBC on a tight itinerary are missing. The yak and horse traffic that moves with them drops off as well, allowing for more time to take in the views. It’s a relief not worrying  that a yak is going to take you off the trail with one swipe of it’s head and horns. 

The first settlement or stop is Mong La.  Mong La affords you one of the best views of Aba Dablam, many agree one of the most beautiful peaks in the Khumbu Valley.

The trail then takes you through mixed forest and rhododendron, and a chance at spotting wildlife. Like blue sheep maybe or a lone musk deer. Excerpts from “Massive Views, Turquoise Lakes-Trekking Nepal’s Shangri La-The Gokyo Valley”.



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