Street Food, Nightmarkets 1-The Massive Shilin Night Market -Taipei, Taiwan

I love good food! I love discovering it, eating it, and sharing it! When you find great street food in Asia, especially if it’s a cheap, it becomesone of the great simple pleasures and rewards of life. 

I’d love to get your feedback on what you want to learn and discover about street food or nightmarket food of Asia. I’d like this to be a series of podcasts, featuring the best thought and food from my favorit cities in East Asia, Southeast Asia, and South Asia.  In this episode I walk through Taipei, Taiwan’s most famous nightmarket, Shilin. This is probably the top spot for tourists to visit in Taipei but you’ll also find locals here as well every night of the week. All of the Taiwanese classics are here from Oyster omelletes to stinky tofu. Thanks so much for listening! Follow me on:


About the Author John Saboe

I am a broadcaster, photographer, writer and videographer with a passion for travel throughout Asia. I love making connections and engaging with people. I am spiritual and seek adventure wherever I go.

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