Bangkok, Thailand-Exploring The Fruit Market Of Chefs And Shop Owners

Bangkok, Thailand is a market lover’s paradise. Whether you’re like me and find food markets fascinating to explore or you enjoy finding bargains on clothing, antiques, or buddha amulets it’s probably the best place in Southeast Asia to shop. I love the huge Klong Toey Market, and the Pak Khlong Flower Market.

On my most recent visit I also checked out the Saphan Khao Fruit Market which carries pretty much every fruit available in Southeast Asia, from durian and jackfruit to the more exotic snakeskin fruit. They say everyone in Bangkok comes to this market from everyday people to store vendors to chefs from 5 star restaurants.

It’s such a treat to try all of these fruits and you always find some kind of cheap deal that makes your visit great! On this trip I found some delicious jackfruit, two big plastic trays packed with the plump pods for about one dollar!

Hope you enjoy the podcast!


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