Chiang Mai, Thailand-Guided Walks Of Iconic Temples/Giant Markets

Chiang Mai, Thailand is one of the top tourist destinations of Southeast Asia easily accessible by plane, train or bus.  A historic old town filled with Buddhist Temples, restaurants, and cafes along with markets, bazaars and modern shopping malls Chiang Mai has something for everyone. 

Chiang Mai has also become an attractive base for digital nomads and entrepeneurs to live, with it’s inexpensive lifestyle and up to date infrastructure.

The city is considered the cultural center of Northern Thailand. It’s old town is filled with Buddhist temples and historic buildings.

On my most recent trip to the the capital of Chiang Mai Province I visited the Sunday Walking Market. Thousands of locals and travellers are drawn every week to the center of the old town for food, entertainment and a vast array of local handicrafts, clothing and other goods for sale.  I also paid an early morning visit to one of the town’s most significant Buddhist temples, Wat Chedi Luang where the monks can be see in their pray rituals everyday.

Wat Chedi Luang is in the historic center of Chiang Mai and is one of the most iconic images of the old town, with it’s chedi that was partly destroyed by an earthquake in the 16 century. An early morning visit is highly recommended to enjoy it’s naturally peaceful setting and to sit in the main newer temple while the monks conduct morning prayers.

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