Bangkok, Thailand-Exploring Chinatown’s Atmospheric Lanes And Streets Part II

There has been much talk lately about the elimination of food stalls and carts on many of the streets in Bangkok, Thailand. On my most recent visit this was very evident in places like Pratunam where there used to me non-stop food carts on the streets of this mega shopping district. While exploring Chinatown it seemed like there were still many food carts on the streets and alleys but it’s possible there are not as many as there once was.
This is a continuation of a live video stream from my exploration around Chinatown. Discovering electronics markets, exotic foods, and temples is what I consider one of the great joys of traveling. Having the time to just wander without the pressure of ticking off a list of attractions or sites is liberating. I hope you enjoy this casual walk through the streets of one of the most visited cities in the world, Bangkok, Thailand.

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