My Beloved Nepal-Part 5-Worship Amidst Ruins

When I visited Nepal in May of 2015 the country was in the middle of one of the worst natural disasters in it’s history. Fear was felt everywhere as the second biggest tremor registering 7.3 shook the country on May 12 followed by more aftershocks.

Despite the uncertain future and the constant fear of another big earthquake, including rumors of an even more devastating one, Nepalis continued their daily prayers and worship.

Tibetan refugees and other Buddhists were seen one their koras of Boudhanath stupa and Hindus prayed at their neighborhood temples and shrines.

In Patan the Bunga Dya Festival celebrating the rain God was delayed due to safety concerns with the two chariots that are pulled throughout the streets of Lalitpur District during the event.

In part 5 of My Beloved Nepal a look at some of the temples of Kathmandu that were damaged or destroyed during the earthquakes of 2015 along with scenes of continued daily worship in one the most significant spiritual centers on the planet.

About the Author John Saboe

I am a broadcaster, photographer, writer and videographer with a passion for travel throughout Asia. I love making connections and engaging with people. I am spiritual and seek adventure wherever I go.

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