Best View in Vietnam-Cat Ba Island Adventure

Cat Ba Island was a nice easy little getaway from Hanoi on my last visit, too bad the weather sucked! I mean the purpose was mostly to get out into Han La Bay, do some kayaking, stop by Monkey Island, all the cool stuff I had heard about. Instead I settled for a little scooter trip out to Hospital Cave and Cannon Fort for some sightseeing. The seafood was great and I think a bargain compared with Hanoi. As I mentioned in the video I’ve heard some bad things about some of the floating restaurants so be careful. You really are putting yourself in a vulnerable position when you rely on a restaurant in the middle of the bay to arrange for a boat to get you back to the shore. The area of the town where I mentioned has some great local style restaurants. Nothing against the restaurants on the main street facing the ocean but if you want more of a local feel get away from the main drag. The hotels were cheap, only $12/night for an ocean view on the 7th floor. The little boat cruise I took in the harbour was fun and could be added on as an extra before or after you go to Han La Bay. You can also hire them to take you to Monkey Island. Next time for sure I’m getting out on a kayak! Thanks so much for watching. I appreciate all of the positive feedback. You can also support me by becoming a patron at the same time having access to exclusive content, chat, priority messaging and more! Visit my Patreon page to see all of the offers!

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