Borneo-Let’s Explore Picturesque Kuching, Sarawak

It’s alway exciting when you first arrive in a destination like Kuching, the capital of Sarawak in Malaysian Borneo. The sights, food, people, the environment as a whole. I have so many great memories of Kuching in particular because I was able to easily explore the town by foot. Meeting local people, being invited into the Sikh Gurdwara for lunch and a tour. Walking in the old Kampongs, traveling by riverboat on the Sarawak River, and meeting the warm, friendly, and hospitable people of the region. I hope this episode gives you a taste of what this amazing place on the exotic island of Borneo has to offers.

About the Author John Saboe

I am a broadcaster, photographer, writer and videographer with a passion for travel throughout Asia. I love making connections and engaging with people. I am spiritual and seek adventure wherever I go.

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