Cheap And Tasty Snacks/Food in Kathmandu, Nepal

I have been coming to Kathmandu for many years so I have dined at most of the famous restaurants, especially in Thamel. On this trip I started venturing out to try some new cheap places. I’ve already got some new favorites including Western Tandoori and Naan House, Dudh Sagar, Classic Momo Express, along with old favorites like BK’s. On a couple of occasions I shared a table at Western Tandoori with other travellers that had eaten there multiple times on the same trip. With the recent passing of Anthony Bourdain, I can’t help but think that eating at hole in the wall or humble places didn’t have the wide acceptable exposure until Mr. Bourdain came along and showed us it was OK. His shows that featured eating at a roadside restaurant in Rajasthan, or street food in Kerela or some other far flung place was not only cool but not as risky as one might think. I ate sometimes on multiple occasions at the places featured in this video and I never got sick. Hope you enjoy the video. Send me some feedback if you want to see more videos like this. So many people now are doing food videos on YouTube that I think it’s a bit of saturated topic but hopefully my take is maybe a little bit different and even amusing.
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Here is a list of the featured places and addresses in Kathmandu:
BK’s Place-Thamel Bhagawati Marg
Dudh Sagar-Kanti Path, Kathmandu
Classic Momo Express-Tridevi Marga, Sanchayakosh Building(Himalayan Bank)
Western Tandoori Naan House-Amrit Marg/Thamel

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