Chiang Rai Thailand’s Temples, Cafes,Walking Street Markets=Super Chill

 Excerpts from “Chiang Rai, Thailand’s Temples, Cafes, Walking Markets=Super Chill”.
OK, I don’t want to mislead you, this is not the busiest street in Chiang Rai and there is lots of traffic in the city  but it’s easy to feel like it’s not busy in this town and surrounding area with a population of around 200,000. 

To start your exploration of the town there are at least half a dozen temples  worth visiting in Chiang Rai including Wat Jed Yod built in 1844. 

Jed Yod means 7 peaks represented by 7 chedis on the site. In keeping pace with the town the gatekeeper is pretty laid back and once you get past him you are greeted by an impressive giant Buddha in the main hall.

Wat Jed Yod is probably the least visited of Chiang Rai’s most significant temples so you usually have lots of space to yourself. The temple is a copy of one by the same name in Chiang Mai which is a copy of an Indian temple, Mahabodhi Temple in Bodh Gaya, the very same spot where the Buddha found enlightenment. 

You will find some of the traditional features of Thai temples including the typical red and gold colors and naga serpents, above all a quiet spot for peace and reflection. 

The favorite part of my visit? Seeing the glowing sunset shine directly on an ornate window at Wat Jed Yod.

Chiang Rai sees many people extend their stay in the town I think because there’s such a huge selection of cafes and places to eat for a town of this size. Once you’re done having a coffee, which could be from beans grown in Northern Thailand move on to the market which pretty much operates all day and through the evening. Perfect for self-catering you can get everything from seafood to cheap noodle dishes.


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