Greetings From Saigon! Update After The First Few Days In Vietnam

Bringing this episode to you from one of the most iconic spots in Ho Chi Minh City-across from Notre Dam Cathedral.*Note, during the episode I mentioned the Notre Dam Cathedral was finished in 1892, in fact it was completed in 1883. Thanks for listening to this update as I get settled in to on of the most dynamic cities on the planet! The first few days have been a little exhausting as I recover from my move after 5 years in Taiwan. It’s always critical when you first arrive at your destination to take it easy at first when it comes to activities, local food, etc. I should listen to my own advice! Transitioning from Taiwan to Vietnam most of the year isn’t necessarily dramatic but leaving the island in the middle of a cold spell and landing in the tropics was a little more of a shock to the system then anticipated. Staying hydrated, keeping out of the rays of the midday sun and pacing your activities until your body has had time to adjust can help you to avoid things like heat exhaustion that can potentially be disastrous. Note to myself! I’m very excited to be now based in Southeast Asia and hope in the not too distant future to be bringing the podcast to you from many cities across the region!

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