How To Travel In Asia With Little Or No Money-Working Holiday Visas/Volunteer Work

I truly hope after these last two podcasts I’ve published that anyone who listens will feel more empowered to take the next step to follow their dream of traveling in Asia or anywhere else for that matter. You don’t need a huge savings account to travel. If you keep an open mind and think of travel as not just a regular two week vacation that you’re accustomed to but a complete immersion in a different culture and way of life that can involve several weeks, months or longer! You’ll then see there are lots of options that don’t require thousands of dollars in order to realize your dream of traveling.
I’ve met many people who have used the working holiday visa as an option to see the world. Typically you’re allowed a working holiday visa one time only per country, but there’s nothing stopping you from going from one country to another exercising this option.
If you don’t fit the age or country restrictions then traveling by working as a volunteer is another option. There are thousands of opportunities to volunteer especially if you’re open to committing to several months or a whole year. Although some of these volunteer positions will involve fees, especially if they are short term, many will cover your basic living needs, a place to stay,meals and in some cases your flights. Some might even include a stipend. Here are two sites, United Nations Volunteers and VSO where you can investigate the possibility of an overseas volunteer position:
Thanks again for listening and please never give up on your dream of living abroad or traveling the world!
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