Maximize Your Stay On The Island Of Borneo in “Cat City”-Kuching, Sarawak

[podcast src=”” height=”450″ width=”450″]I’m often surprised by certain things about a new place I’ve visited or discovered. Never more than on my recent trip to Kuching, Sarawak in Malaysian Borneo where I found the local people were especially friendly and welcoming.

Random greetings while crossing the street, “hello, welcome! Where you from?” Sometimes a hello from a group of students walking home from school or just people you cross paths with in the air conditioned modern shopping mall.

Island people I’ve found, for the most part, are generally laid-back, easy-going and friendly. I’ve met and have had amazing hospitality on my most recent trip to Sabah on Borneo as well. And of course the people of Taiwan are known for being some of the friendliest people on the planet.

I hope the Sarawak Tourism Bureau has a big party for their people because these are the kinds of things that most visitors will remember and tell their friends and others about when they’re asked what their trip was like.

No doubt you’re going to have some pretty awesome memories if you visit Semenggoh, the orangu-tan sanctuary or spend a day or two in Bako National Park. Having Sarawak’s famous Laksa, noodle soup for breakfast, gorging on some of the cheapest and best seafood in Southeast Asia at the UTC Top Spot Food Court will certainly be big takeaways from a visit to Kuching. I can guarantee you though that provided you didn’t spend your whole time in your hotel or guesthouse room, it’s the kind-hearted and friendly people of Kuching that will be one of your strongest impressions of a visit to Sarawak.

In this episode of the podcast I’m experimenting with a different format including more travel advice and tips that’s specific to the place featured. Of course I will continue to bring you the best experiences the area has to offer. In upcoming episodes watch out for my visit to the Semenggoh Orangu-tan Reserve, Bako National Park as well as other not to be missed sites around Kuching.

I was really impressed with Kuching, the range of guesthouses and hotels, the exceptional food and overall value, Old Chinatown, India Street, and of course the wonderful boardwalk along the Sarawak River. There are amazing adventure activities that can be day trips while you maintain your base in Kuching. I’m thinking if you are coming from a Western country try to devote 5-7 days around the area which could include one or two nights in Bako National Park.

If you’re an Asian based traveller Kuching could be a great long weekend getaway. Many Asian cities have direct flights to Kuching and Air Asia has several everyday from Kuala Lumpur.

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