Kaohsiung, Taiwan Illuminated! 2017 Lantern Festival Part-Love River-Part 1

On my recent swing through Southern Taiwan to take in the annual Beehive Fireworks Festival in Yanshui/Tainan I managed to visit Taiwan’s second biggest city, Kaohsiung. For the first time I was able to see the city’s wonderful lantern festival next to the atmospheric Love River.

I’m always asked when is the best time of year to visit Taiwan. Almost anytime of the year can be interesting but one of my favorite times to recommend is during the Chinese New Year,(Lunar New Year) festivities.

The first day itself is always inspiring and full of good spirit as many Taiwanese visit temples to start the year off with prayers of good fortune, luck, and health.

Then of course there are the many festivals that are centered around the New Year including the Beehive Fireworks Festival, if you’re daring and looking for extreme adventure. See the podcast featured on this channel.

For a more serene experience the Lantern Festivals of Taiwan are wonderfully beautiful and completely safe, but you will have to endure huge crowds. Most major cities on the island host a lantern festival. Internationally the most famous one is the Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival of Northern Taiwan. This festival features mass releases of sky lanterns that dance in the skies of Northern Taiwan sending out wishes of good fortune, health, luck, and even marriage!

Having had the opportunity to see a few I can say that although some themes will be the same, mainly lanterns featuring the year’s zodiac character, this year the rooster, there will be variations based on the location of the city.

As Kaohsiung is the largest port city of Taiwan there are many marine themes. Artistically I noticed there were many interesting variations of the rooster theme compared with the Taipei Lantern Festival and the Love River setting is absolutely magical.

Join me for part one of this two part series on the 2017 Kaohsiung Lantern Festival on Far East Adventure Travel.

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