Longshan Temple Jewel Of Taipei

Visiting temples in Taiwan is a wonderful experience filled with history, tradition, spirituality, and the easy going feeling of the Taiwanese people. There are over 15,000 spread out around the island.

This is The Longshan Temple in Taiwan. The temple is multidenominational. Buddhists, Taoists, worship here and the temple also holds a deitie of Matsu, goddess of the sea.

First constructed in 1738 Longshan has seen many renovations in it’s time due to earthquakes and fires. The last major one completed after World War 2 and The Raid on Taipei by American bombers.

This is the main building’s courtyard. People come to pay their respects and pray to the gods they need the most guidance from. Guaynin, the goddess of compassion or mercy is the main god of the temple.

The rear hall is divided into three sections. You’ll see worshippers throughout the temple hold burning incense to their forehead in praise and distribute each stick to the urn directly in front of the god. At the center, Matsu, goddess of the sea. The Gods of literature and war on each side.

This is one of the busiest temples in all of Taiwan. The crowds are usually here first thing in the morning, at midday, and late afternoon, around 5. You’ll see many people arrive directly from work.

Unlike other temples throughout Asia I found the vibe here pretty laid back and there’s very little in the way of rigid rules. Just common respect for others and you can sit here for hours if you like. Enjoying the beauty of the building and appreciating the devotion of the followers is a pretty special experience.

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