Mastering Taipei, Taiwan’s MRT(Mass Rapid Transit)System

Taipei, Taiwan has one of the most efficient and reliable MRT or public rapid transit systems in the world.

Locals are used to the convenience but if you are visiting either for a short or extended time to Taipei you are in store for a comfortable, safe, and easy way to get around the city.

There are 5 main lines of the Taipei Metro which consists of a mix of underground and above ground infrastructure with a total of 108 stations. This does not include the airport service as this is a separate entity called Taoyuan MRT.

I highly recommend downloading either the IOS or android Taipei MRT app available in The App Store and Google Play. This will help you plan your day while you’re having a coffee in your hotel room or at breakfast. All of the stations are also searchable online with full descriptions including in most cases major sites that are close by.

You can purchase single journey tokens but you’ll save alot of time, especially if you’re traveling during rush hour, to pick up either a TaipeiPass card or an Easycard. You can purchase TaipeiPass cards at any MRT station and at most convenient stores including 7-Eleven. They are available in 1,2,3, and 5 day unlimited use cards. There is also an additional 1 day + card that can be used on the Maokong Gondola next to the Taipei Zoo. These passes are for unlimited use on the Taipei Metro, not including bus routes with four digit buses for their time frame so there’s no lead to load or reload them.

TaipeiPass Cards:

If you’re planning on taking some bus trips or train rides to Northern Taiwan besides using the MRT then you may want to purchase an Easycard instead for NT$100. You’ll have to load money onto it but the EasyCard is more flexible than the TaipeiPass. EasyCards can be purchased at all MRT stations.

Using the Easycard gives you a 20% discount on single journey fares on the MRT and 10% on local trains to Keelung and Ruifang. Keelung has one of the most famous night markets on the island, Keelung Miaokou Night Market. Ruifang is your connection to Pingxi, home of the world-famous Sky Lantern Festival.

The Taipei MRT system operates between 6am-12am but service ends earlier at some stations. Here is a link that gives the last train time for each station:

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