Netflix Street Food Asia Neighborhood Walk-Saigon, Vietnam

Join me on a walk through Co Bac/Co Giang the streets and area that was featured in the Netflix series Street Food Asia Ho Chi Minh City episode. You’ll will definitely feel the rumble and energy of the motorbikes that act as the pulse of the city. I hope that these “on the street” episodes help you feel the energy of Southeast Asia and inspire you to travel and visit these truly dynamic places. As I said in the episode to walk these streets and smell the aromas of the food cooking while hearing the sounds of the sizzling and stirring of woks and barbeques is wonderfully stimulating. It’s like you’re in someone’s kitchen waiting for them to cook you something comforting and delicious. Saigon or Ho Chi Minh City is a funny place, when you’re here for an extended period of time it can drive you crazy. When you’re away you can’t wait to get back!
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