North Korea-Americans Are Still Banned From Visiting the DPRK-So Why Go Anyways? Travel Chat With Expat Dave Grecco

Americans are still banned from entering North Korea at the time of publishing this episode. Otto Warmbier was a U.S. citizen and college student visiting North Korea in 2015/2016 when he was arrested and imprisoned accused of stealing a propoganda poster from the hotel where he was staying. He was subsequently sentenced to 15 years in prison but was released to the U.S. in 2017 in a coma and vegetative state. He died shortly after arriving back home. There has been a ban on U.S. citizens visiting North Korea ever since 2017. The ban remains in effect. So why visit North Korea. I talk with Dave Grecco, a Canadian expat and English Professor living in Osaka, Japan. Dave visited North Korea in 2018, his second trip to the country. I chat with Dave and ask him why he is so fascinated with North Korea, his experiences while traveling there, and what positive outcomes there are from foreigners visiting the DPRK. Dave is also a very active livestreamer on Periscope and Twitter. Dave actually livestreamed from North Korea during his last visit. You can see some of those broadcasts right here:
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