Phnom Penh Central Market Tour/Tips

Phnom Penh in my opinion has one of the coolest looking markets in Southeast Asia, the art deco Central Market. The Khmer name of the market is ផ្សារធំថ្មី, “Phsar Thom Thmey”, which technically translates to “New Grand Market” in English. When it opened in 1937 it was considered the largest market in Asia. Even today it’s easy to see it dwarfs markets like Saigon’s Ben Tanh Market. The ceiling of the dome area reaches 26 meters with four arched arms that house many stalls from tshirts, to pots and pans. Ever since I first saw it I was attracted to it’s grand scale and the market itself is very interesting, almost a theme park for shoppers and food lovers. In the main dome you’ll find gold, gems, watch, and jewelry sellers. The four arms are somewhat categorized with either clothing, electronics, or household items. This market is not solely focused on tourists as you’ll see by the traditional Khmer clothing for sale along with everyday household items, hardware, and more. The perimeter area is my favorite place to wander as it’s where you’ll find the wet market and food area with all kinds of special Cambodian delicacies from dried fish to sweets. There’s also a large dining area where you can sample local favorites including all kinds of noodle soups and bbq seafood. This is my 3rd visit to Phnom Penh in the last 4 years. During this current visit I spent almost every day wandering around the market for an hour or so to familiarize myself with the layout and to observe some of the little everyday things that some people might miss if they only visit it once, like the area where they slide the ice into the market for chipping. I hope you enjoy the video and subscribe to channel! I have a passion for exploring East Asia, Southeast Asia, and South Asia and have made it the focus of my life for the past 6 years. I also have a podcast I would love you to check out! Feedback is always welcome:Far East Travels Audio Podcast

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