On The Road-Malaysia Borneo

Friendly locals everywhere in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia/Borneo

Friendly locals everywhere in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia/Borneo

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Hi this John Saboe the publisher of Far East Adventure Travel and I’m on the road again, this time I’m in Malaysia Borneo, home to orang utans, pygmy, elephants, tigers, and the proboscis monkey, only found on the island of Borneo. Along with many more amazing things on the third largest island in the world.

I am in Kota Kinabalu, located on the South China Sea,on the northwest portion of the island in the state of Sabah getting ready for a climb of Mt. Kinabalu the highest peak in Malaysia.

Gunung Kinabalu, as it’s know here, is 4095 meters at its’ highest peak and is the 20th most prominent mountain in the world meaning the ranking for minimum height required to climb to the summit.

So Mt. Kinabalu actually ranks a couple of spots higher than the 2nd highest mountain in the world K2. K2 of course is, regardless of the height required to climb to the top, is a much harder and more dangerous mountain to climb. If everything that I’ve heard is true, Kinabalu can be punishing, so I’m especially looking forward to it.

I just landed in Kota Kinabalu yesterday and I have been madly rushing around trying to do some last minute organizing for this trip. I was at the pharmacy picking up some malarone, anti-malarial pills for this trip. Unfortunately I had been in Taiwan and there is no malarone to be found on the island but luckily, pharmacies carry it here and you don’t need a prescription.

Malarone is the most expensive anti-malarial pill costing anywhere between $5-7USD per pill but requires one pill per day, and only needs to be taken 3 days after you’ve left the area. The other anti-malarial pills available require you to take them up to 4 weeks after you’ve left a malarial infected area.

Borneo, specifically Malaysia Borneo is loaded with adventure activities from jungle treks to some of the best diving in the world. On this trip I will be focusing mainly on the jungle, nature, and jungle culture.

The great Sir David Attenborough, the BBC broadcaster best known for the Planet Earth series was here in February on location in The Danum Valley shooting an upcoming 3D documentary called Conquest of The Skies. I am hoping to visit the Danum Valley on this trip, by the way one of the most expensive jungle adventures you can do here.
On my list of things to see is of course, the orang utans, Pygmy elephants, Proboscis Monkeys and more.

So in the coming weeks I will have more for you from Borneo. Also coming up in the next edition of Far East Adventure Travel Magazine an in-depth look at The Gibbon Experience. An amazing zip lining adventure into the Bokeo Reserve of Northwest Laos in search of the very rare black-crested gibbons. To read all about it you simply need to go to the iTunes app store, search Far East Adventure Travel, download the app and subscribe. Or you can go to breezy-size.flywheelsites.com click on the App Store icon and subscribe.

So that’s it for this week’s edition of Far East Adventure Travel The Podcast. Thanks so much for listening. Until next time this is John Saboe, Namaste and safe travels!

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