Saigon vs Taipei-What Are The Significant Differences-Observances After 10 Days

This podcast I’m asked by followers what are the main differences I’ve noticed between Taipei, my last base, and Ho Chi Minh City, after the first 10 days. There are many differences and I’ve had a bit of a jump start on knowing them after a few visits here over the past 4 years. Certainly from a cost of living point of view there are big differences. There are also more choices amongst international food choices whether it’s restaurants or just purchasing groceries. The amount of motorbikes on the road in the HCMC area is shocking compared with the motorbike capital of East Asia, Taipei. There are 14 million motorbikes in the whole of Taiwan but an astonishing 8 million just in the great HCMC area. Thanks so much for listening! What’s your favorite places to visit in Southeast Asia? Send me your questions or comments to john

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