Taipei, Taiwan-5 More Things You Should Know Before You Visit

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After the success of my first video Taipei, Taiwan-5 Things You Should Know Before You Visit I felt there was definitely a demand for more videos about some of the little things, and some bigger things that would help someone get the most out of their stay in Taipei. So here we go!
5.Women Cleaners in Men’s Washrooms-Trivial for someone but shocking for others, particularly from Western countries where in many cases public washrooms are closed while they’re being cleaned. Not in Taiwan and many other countries in East Asia and Southeast Asia.
4.Taipei Is Very Safe-But be careful of the drivers! Now not everyone is a bad driver in Taipei but there is definitely an aggressive driving culture. Be careful of motorbikes everywhere, including in morning markets, on sidewalks, where they park.
3.Currency Exchange-I hope I covered off everything. Also if you need to exchange cash for your next destination beyond Taiwan then change your cash at The Bank of Taiwan in Taipei. You’ll save the NT$100 service charge at the airport counters.
2.Busy Weekends-Something you should be prepared for. Of course hotel rooms are at a premium, and that’s the case in most cities in Taiwan when most people on the island travel.
1.I always get comments from followers, especially when I livestream, on how clean Taipei always looks. It’s true, the city is very clean. Children in school learn from an early age to keep things clean and tidy by being assigned cleaning duties for their classroom. Janitors do not clean inside the classrooms in Taipei schools.
Thanks so much for watching! Please let me know what kind of content you’re interested in seeing on my channel. I’m always making travel plans for trips around Asia and I’d love to hear where you think I should travel next.

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