Taipei, Taiwan Illuminates! – The 2017 Lantern Festival

In Chinese and Asian culture The Lantern Festival marks the end of Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year celebrations. Always falling 15 days after the first day of the year the date varies according to each new Lunar Year.

The tradition started more than 2000 years ago with the emperor and noblemen having the most elaborate lanterns.

Today, especially in Taiwan, Lantern festivals are huge commercial productions, with many corporations and educational institutions sponsoring lanterns. The festival usually begins at least one week before the Lantern Festival day with some cities and counties carrying their event a few days past the 15 day mark.

This year’s Lantern Festival’s theme was “Westside Story, Taipei Glory” honoring the historic Ximending and Beimen neighborhoods on the westside of the city.

Join me for a tour of some of Taipei’s 2017 Lantern Festival highlights in this edition of Far East Adventure Travel.

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