Tasting Asian Veg/Seafood Snacks-2017 Food Taipei, Taiwan

I will confess right up front! I am not a meat-eater so that’s why you don’t see me trying anything that has meat in it at this year’s Food Taipei. I do eat fish and seafood but for many years now I have not eaten, beef, chicken, pork, or any other animal. That may sound like a challenging diet to uphold especially in East Asia but that’s not the case at all. In fact, Taiwan and specifically Taipei is a fantastic city to be a complete vegetarian or even vegan for that matter.

Recently PETA Asia voted Taipei the number vegan-friendly city in Asia followed by Singapore.
There are lots of modern or contemporary vegan style restaurants in the city but it’s also the traditional vegetarian buffet style restaurants that are popular with the Buddhist community that help to make it a convenient place for vegans.

So of course my tasting of some of the snacks and food at this year’s Food Taipei show, one of the biggest of it’s kind in East Asia, leaned towards vegetarian with a few seafood treats throw in. All of this food is delicious and I believe even if you are a meat eater you would still enjoy these snacks at or in between regular meals.

This was a great show held over three days at two sites, the Taipei World Trade Center and Nangang Exhibition Center. Food exhibitors from all over the world come to this Food Taipei every year to showcase their products but I was more interested in sharing Asian food, particularly some of the products and specialities of Taiwan.

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