Temples, Gods, And A Whisky Drinking Goat-Kolkata, India

The Khali Temple in the Khalighat section of Kolkata, India. I was here with my friend Subroto who was showing me the area. This is also where Mother Teresa’s home for the Dying Destitute is located. And it’s also where you can find Bhola The Goat. Yes, this goat is named Bhola, and he is cared for by the people of the temple.

Up until now I’ve never seen anything quite like Bhola. He seemed larger than your average goat with personality to go with his size.

He’s apparently well known around here. Not only for his size and presence, love the henna died coat, but also for his tricks. His handler wanted to show his moves to us.

We were told he is well cared for and is considered almost sacred by the temple. It’s a miracle in itself considering they sacrifice his brother goats there to the God Khali all the time.

He must be well cared for. What goat would want to do this unless there’s something in it for him. Oh and I was told he likes whisky. Maybe that’s why he’s so cooperative and also because he knows he’s always close to death’s door.

These men who came by know Bhola and some of his bad habits like smoking. Yes apparently he likes smoking too, at least someone taught him how to. But today it looks like he’s only interested in eating cigarettes not smoking them, which can’t be good either.

The whole point of this story? Only in India is it possible to see a very famous temple, a home for the dying started by a saint to be and a smoking, whisky drinking goat that can do tricks all in the same block.

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