Tibet-Mountains And Monasteries-Travel Advice From The Roof Of The World

Tibet is one of the most fascinating destinations in the world. It’s average elevation is 4900 meters or 16,000 feet making it the highest region on the planet and the reason why it’s called the roof of the world. 

The Tibet Autonomous Region is apart of the People’s Republic of China and there are several restrictions that apply when traveling there. All travel through Tibet must be booked through a tour company and special permits are required. You must also obtain a visa to travel in China before permits can be applied for on your behalf.
For insights into cultural sensitivies and advice on what sights to include on a trip to the region I recently spoke with Norbu La, owner of Adventures in Tibet travel and tour company from his home in Lhasa Tibet. 
From the starting place for most visiting Tibet, Lhasa, there are many sites to see including The Potala Palace, Sera Monastery as well as one of the most important Buddhist Temples in the world, the Johkang.
Mt. Everest is also an option for many especially those who aren’t interested in trekking as it’s possible to drive all the way to the base camp on the Tibet, China side of the the highest mountain in the world. Here you’ll be able to see the mountain’s beautiful north face, most agree the best view of Everest.
If you have time Mt. Kailash as well as Namsto Lake are great options for a journey to Tibet.
Mt. Kailash is a center for worship of four religions, Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, and Bonn. A kora, a circumambulation of the mountain, normally a 3 day trek is said to wipe out the sins of a lifetime.

You can contact Norbu La for more information on tours of Tibet by visiting his website: http://www.adventuresintibet.com 



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