Traditional Vietnamese Market Walk-Saigon, Vietnam-Audio Tour

Walk with me as I explore the latest fruit and produce offered at a traditonal non-tourist market in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The Tan My Market is located in District 7, not an area frequented by tourists but many foreigners in here. One of my favorite things always is exploring markets across Asia. The traditional markets actually whether they’re frequented by tourists or not are a great way to understand how locals eat. The non-tourist markets are going to feature mostly local and everyday products so you obviously won’t be seeing t-shirts or souvenirs. You probably will see live and fresh animals as well as the cleaning of fresh killed creatures like frogs and chickens so it’s not for the squeamish either. Picture some crowded streets filled with people shopping on their motorbikes, with many carrying bags of fresh greens and herbs, rambutan, limes, bananas, and mangos.
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