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The music you are listening to is from a Laos wedding I attended a few days ago in Houay Xay, Laos. Welcome to Far East Adventure Travel-The Podcast- brought to you by Far East Adventure Travel Magazine-Kanchenjunga-tough trekking in Nepal-the April issue now on the iTunes newstand. Visit the app store, search Far East Adventure Travel, download the app and subscribe today or go to and click on the magazine icon to subscribe.

Hi I’m John Saboe the publisher of Far East Adventure Travel Magazine coming to you today from Luang Prabang, Laos. I’m back here after spending a few days around Houay Xay to trek and zip line in the Bokeo Reserve to spot Gibbons. I was staying in a treehouse with a group of really nice people, some from Canada, The Netherlands and the United States. We actually had a little mishap with toilet which got us talking about how these seemingly unfortunate incidents seem to make our trips and adventures more memorable. I think Yvonne Chouinard once said the adventure doesn’t start until the shit hits the fan. Now in this instance it wasn’t quite like that but it certainly made our stay interesting and memorable.

I started to think again about my trek to Kanchenjunga, the third highest mountain in the world last November.

Especially one portion of the trek that took us over some pretty rough trails that were icey in some parts and steep. The original part of this trail had been destroyed in a landslide and we were, like everyone else forced to hike very high around the landslide area. Very tough day. The kind where you hopes are quickly dashed after you figure out it’s just another false summit you see above you.

We had almost trekked 9 hours that day to reach over 4100 meters in elevation. My best moments and stories are when things go wrong, or don’t go as planned.

My guide and porter kept joking about the 7 star teahouse that were going to stay at. When I saw it for the first time I thought to myself, you’ve got to be kidding. It was basically a big shed. No separate sleeping quarters just a corner of the room with some cotton sleeping pads and blankets. Listen to the rest of the story on Far East Adventure Travel-The Podcast.

Brought to you by Far East Adventure Travel Magazine, Kanchenjunga-tough trekking the April issue now on the iTunes newstand. Just go to the app store, search Far East Adventure Travel, download the app and subscribe today. Or simply go to, click on the magazine icon, and subscribe.

More from Laos next time on Far East Adventure Travel-The Podcast, til then, this is John Saboe, Sabaidee, Kopjai lai lai, goodbye, thank you, safe travels and Namaste!

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