Exploring Can Tho, Floating Markets, And The Mekong River Delta-Vietnam

It was New Year’s Day 2017, unusually warm at 26 celsius, making it perfectly pleasant to walk around interesting neighborhoods in Taipei, Taiwan including Dongmen and it’s Yongkang Food Street. Anchoring this street that has been published in almost every travel and food magazine and guidebook, is the world-famous Din Tai Fung, purveyors of xiaolongbao, delicious soup dumplings. Crowds, as seen on this day, will line-up for over an hour in the midday just to get a table.

Even though this restaurant is a big draw there are plenty of other restaurant in Dongmen serving the delicious specialities of Taiwan. 

The history of this neighborhood goes way back to the Japanese occupation when high government officials and the affluent started taking up residence here. Qingtian Street is a lovely place to stroll while enjoying a classic Taiwanese snack purchased from Yongkang Street like green onion pancake. There are still Japanese style homes left over from the time of occupation that have been converted to art galleries and teahouses. You can also visit the Taipei Grand Mosque that’s close by. Thanks for listening!

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