Saigon, Vietnam-Walkabout-Travel Tips And Advice

Continuing my walkabout series from The Ho Chi Minh City Museum To The Reunification Palace. I plan on doing more of these walkabout talks throughout the region in the coming months. I always welcome your questions or comments on the podcast. Lately I’ve been getting messages either on Instagram or Facebook from people planning on visiting Vietnam in the coming weeks/months. There were over 2.5 million visitors to Ho Chi Minh City in the first quarter of the year up 10% over last year. HCMC accounts for half of all the visits to Vietnam. With all the modern amenities and shopping malls the city has still retained much of it’s traditional feeling neighborhoods and markets so you still have the opportunity, as long as you venture out of District 1, to see some real local culture. Thanks so much for listening. I’m always excited to hear from people who are truly interested in this part of the world. You can contact me by email,

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